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WOW is an urban inspirational entertainment company that produce quality productions that implicate real life situations on stage and film.


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 Walking on Water (WOW) Productions an urban inspirational entertainment company founded by Tangie Beaty in Norwalk, CT in 2005.


Currently based in Columbia, SC, Tangie (CEO) joined forces with fellow playwright, Donna Johnson (COO) in 2011 and created a company that would produce original inspirational productions that empower individuals to rebuild family values, effect change, encourage the lost and restore self-esteem.


A part of WOW's services includes drama ministry consulting for churches and independent drama troupes, acting workshops and coaching.  

 WOW has received many awards over the years, Best Directors Award - Kingdomwood Film Festival in Atlanta, GA, Best Theatre Production - Black Jazz and Arts Awards, Atlanta, GA; Best Stage Play (Confessions of a Good Man), and more! Yesterday Is Still Gone, their first play, landed a national distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment and currently available nationwide in stores and online in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon as well as a few other retailers. WOW’s newest production “Confessions of a Good Man” has been performed in front of several packed houses and was well received at the Ira Aldridge Theatre at Howard University when it was performed in June 2014 during the DC Black Theatre Festival. WOW has partnered with Emmy Award-Winning Actor GregAlan Williams, over the last 2 years to host a few all-day workshops for not only its in-house actors but for the community at large.  

"I was blown away by WOW Productions! Confessions of a Good Man!  Our ENTIRE Family thoroughly enjoyed the performance, we came to see it twice in one weekend! It has a wonderful message."

Mayor Steven Benjamin, Columbia, SC


Our Mission & Vision

WOW's mission is to inspire, educate, encourage and empower artists to create positive and thought-provoking projects to make our communities more conscious and compassionate places.


WOW's vision is to continue utilizing local and upcoming artists who also share the desire to use the performing arts as a vehicle to make a difference in not only their surrounding communities but nationwide.


WOW's goal is to assist actors, playwrights, producers and directors by providing training, education and opportunities  to showcase their talents while enhance their skills. 

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