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Walking on Water Productions, also known as WOW Productions, is an urban inspirational entertainment company founded by Tangie Beaty in Norwalk, CT in 2005. Currently based in Columbia, SC, Tangie (CEO) has created a company that would produce original inspirational productions that empower individuals to rebuild family values, effect change, encourage the lost and restore self-esteem.

Since 2005, WOW has been performing stage plays, improv, and dinner theaters within 9 cities and 3 states. Directing almost 1200 actors, WOW has held 125 performances in both stage and film projects in front of over 26,000 audience members. 


WOW has been nominated as Best Theatre Production Company, Awarded Black Arts Jazz & Film Best Theatre Company in Atlanta, and Best Stage Play Directors at the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival. In addition to being affiliated with various associations such as SC Film Commission, SC Theater Association, Urban Playwrights United, and more. 

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Our Mission & Vision...

WOW's mission is to produce original thought-provoking projects and events that impact the current culture we live in.


WOW continues utilizing local and upcoming artists who also share the desire to use the performing arts as a vehicle to make a difference in not only their surrounding communities but nationwide.

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