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George Roberts has always taught his sons to be good men; to love God, to value family and to always be men of integrity. However, the Roberts family will quickly realize that everything buried isn’t always dead; as deep dark secrets resurface and threaten to damage futures. Forced to choose between saving one and losing all… which will they choose?





7300 College Street, Irmo, SC 29063





“Confessions of a Good Man” is an inspirational stage play that gives a glance into the mind and the struggles that men often face. The production tells the tale of three brothers who grew up in the same household but ended up with three vastly different lives. Each of the brothers takes their own path to try and become like their father, the epitome of a good man. Although the goal seems to elude them all, each of their paths lead to the same place...home. 


Family secrets, lies, and love both binds this family together and also keeps them bound. Will the ultimate confession free these brothers or destroy the very essence of who they are? As this story unfolds it is guaranteed to enthrall, stimulate and entertain audiences. The truthful, hilarious, thought-provoking and realistic situations coupled with soulful original music and an incredible cast will have audiences raving!

Creators and writers of this hit stage play, Tangie Beaty and Donna Johnson have been apart of the reawakening of the urban inspirational stage play industry with providing a quality product that for all to relate to.  Both local and national award-winning writers, directors and producers this dynamic duo along with their business partners local and national award-winning filmmakers, Josetra Robinson and Tamara Finkbeiner of One7One Productions has been wowing audiences across the country.  Don't miss your chance to witness this show! 



Meet the Cast

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